At times to be silent is to lie.

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When the Chinese Communist Party launches a brutal crackdown on its citizens, a team of innocent students risk everything to expose the deadly propaganda and fight for freedom. Learn More



Asian cultures have a long history of developing and practicing exercises such as Tai Chi and…

Falun Gong gained popularity quickly when it was introduced to the public in China in the early 90s…

While our story is set in China, we had no access to locations or talents in China due to the sensitivity ….



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"It plays like a Tom Clancy thriller and engages the viewer to constantly anticipate its next scenes." Thank you to The Epoch Times for the

Unsilenced updated their cover photo.

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3 weeks 5 days ago

Great news! We won the Audience Award for narrative feature at the Austin Film Festival! Thank you to all our courageous and talented cast and

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  • positive review  Really excited for this movie! The trailer was amaing!

    Hamza Muazzam Bhatti Avatar Hamza Muazzam Bhatti
    October 8, 2021

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